Introducing Premium, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract with CBD Produced From Industrial Hemp Sustainably Farmed on Maui

go site On Earth Day 2019, Maiden Hawaii Naturals announced it will begin this year to offer premium hemp extract as an increasingly in-demand natural ingredient for cosmetic manufacturers.

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enter This Maui-grown hemp extract will contain the full spectrum of industrial hemp-derived cannabinoids, including CBD. A supercritical CO2 extractor will allow for production of pure, clean, quality extract with no further heating or distillation required. The premium hemp extract will be blended (per FDA requirements not to exceed 0.3% THC) with Maiden Hawaii Naturals’ locally grown and produced Hawaiian Macadamia and Maui Sunflower oils and will be incorporated this fall into new products in its Kuleana Beauty natural skincare line.

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generic levitra commercial woman Farmed by the founders of Hawaii’s pioneering renewable energy company, this industrial hemp farming operation is Maui’s first State-licensed industrial hemp farm and will be the first in the United States powered 100% by biodiesel. The sustainable farming operation is free of pesticides, herbicides, and GMO crops.

viagra online canada “We are so honored to have been granted the first industrial hemp commercial farming license on Maui,” said Bob King, President and Founder of Pacific Biodiesel. “The cultivation of industrial hemp offers a wealth of opportunity for our island, from health and wellness and culinary usage to textile and biofuel production. With this expanded farming operation, we are inspired to continue uncovering new ways to further our commitment to agricultural diversity and renewable energy in Hawaii.”

mercury drug manila viagra The initial crop will be planted in May 2019 with first products ready in August 2019. Planting will take place year-round, integrating Hawaiian Moon Calendar farming practices.

how to get no rx generic cialis Read the Press Release and Fact Sheet.

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triple c drug ingredients viagra Bob and Kelly King, who founded the internationally recognized renewable energy company Pacific Biodiesel on Maui in 1995, stand among the blooming sunflowers in their central Maui farm. On Earth Day 2019, the Kings announced their family farm entity, Imua Energy LLC, will begin Maui’s first State-licensed industrial hemp commercial farming operation.