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Hawaii’s Sustainable Beauty Oil Producer

Our Hawaiian macadamia nut beauty oil and other plant-based oils are made of locally grown ingredients and produced in Hawaii by our pioneering, Maui-based company committed to sustainable, zero-waste, community-based agriculture and renewable energy.

Last year, our company began farming sunflowers and other crops in Maui’s central valley. These blooms of sustainability are currently used to produce cosmetic-grade oil and will also be used as feedstock for the production of a renewable fuel that’s helping Hawaii fight climate change and achieve a clean energy future. Now that’s flower power!

Coming soon: culinary oils, including sunflower and macadamia nut oils.

When you see these products, you’re supporting an interconnected sustainability system that’s making a real impact here in Hawaii and beyond.

Maiden Hawaii Naturals, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Biodiesel Technologies. Founded in 1995 on Maui, Pacific Biodiesel is Hawaii’s only commercial producer of liquid biofuels.